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SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

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SEO, (Search Engine Optimisation) is a collection of marketing tools and products that are free to use, with many purposes; to increase your rankings on search engines, drive traffic and increase hopefully your client / customer base, the uses are endless.

Words, phrases, clickable links all add value to your site's positioning on Search Engines.

When people search for items of interest, ideally your website; such as wording, phrases and other interesting information, your site should jump out, if your site is optimised online then Google and other Search Engines will read your content, like a library will show the results to the researcher.

SEO is sometimes structured in a way that follows certain protocols, or sometimes not - we know what search engines require and how best to position your site so as to gain maximum exposure.

Remember, your website is all about being clean, precise and above all informative - after all, you want your website to be memorable, user friendly, simple and fast in loading.

SEO is not just about being well placed in Google and other search engines, this comes with time,

utilising other means to support your digital presence is important, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.

Search engines use information grabbing spiders that crawl your website digesting information that is shown on results on Google, Yell and other search engines along with word of mouth.

Spreading your digital presence is also what gets you noticed. 


Using labelled pictures, Header, Meta Tags, text and useful tips all play a part in generating the best ranking and digital presence for you.

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Advanced SEO






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